A life-long music lover who always felt at home on the dance-floor, TIGRESS quickly showed her natural prowess with her flavourful taste in music selection when stepped up to play in 2015. As the dance floor filled up it was clear this tiger had earned her stripes. She was hungry for more and sunk in her teeth, secur-ing a regular club night in Kelowna before moving to Victoria in 2016. Since that time, sheʼs been playingshows across BC and most recently producing music. Expect to hear some House-y, Tech-y, Bass-y goodness, with a fourth coming EP and an array of sassy singles, this tiger is sure to get your booty moving.

When not behind the decks this feline force can be found co-operating The PLUR Collective out of Victoria, BC. Founded in 2016, The PLUR Collective creates events that are queer-centric, body-positive and continue a tradition of activism and radical politics within the dance community.